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Tristan  André. 

Pronouns He/Him/His.

A sun. 


Your favorite cousin.

Black southern cultural and memory work. 

As an organizer and social justice front line worker, I have devoted my life as a practitioner of theatre and dance-making. I tell stories in hopes of  bringing journeyed hearts together as we work to build a sangha community. 




the brother of Adonis, Blair and Cydney. The thing I take most pride in. 


I curate. 

A mover and absolute shaka (boomshakala boom!!!). It is my life's work to gather members of communities all over the world in the wake of manifesting abundance through ritual, song, dance and rest. 



Here lies all of my creative endeavors.

Past, present, and future. The game is afoot.

And the game is good.

I'm ready.

Are you?

I love you deep, deep. 

And so it is.


When/if possible, please support the liberation work of Tricia Hersey's The Nap Ministry via A movement devoted to reclaiming rest as form of reparations and healing from generational exhaustion and racial trauma. See you all in the DreamSpace. 




Sojourn, beloveds.

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